Monday, 6 September 2010

Spanish Tomatoes

Nothing, and I mean nothing, tastes as good as Spanish Tomatoes in Spain. Even when you visit the Deli, Waitrosse or an organic market you can't get that taste. The Spanish have them with most things, in fact they even throw tomatoes at each other every year!
Iberian meats, Sea food, Paella, Tapas all conjure up Espana but the Spanish Tomato is the uber-Spanish taste. In London, with the rain falling in a vain attempt to bring some sunshine I bought some 'Spanish' Tomatoes, but nope, they don't taste the same. 
Spread on rustic bread with a drizzle of olive oil, or sliced with a handful of Basil. Sitting atop a slice of queso or diced on top of jamon you can't beat it.

quick recipe
Trying to capture the flavour!?!

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