Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Space The final frontier

‘Personal space is the region surrounding a person which they regard as psychologically theirs. Invasion of personal space often leads to discomfort, anger, or anxiety on the part of the victim. The notion of personal space comes from Edward T. Hall, whose ideas were influenced by Heini Hediger's studies of behavior of zoo animals.’

It’s that simple! Now can the general public get it into their thick heads that we all need our personal space? Don’t walk in front of me as I’m entering a doorway. Don’t stand so close to me when I’m waiting at the checkout that I can smell your unwashed stench. Don’t thrust a leaflet into my midriff when I’m going about my daily business; If I wanted a pay as you go phone or free Salsa lessons or to tie myself into a 75% repayment loan then I would sort it out myself!

Keep out of my peripheral vision if you’re going to excavate your nasal passages. Keep a safe distance if you are going to bellow down your mobile phone (with the irritating ringtone). Keep your query as to my having any change that’s of the ‘spare’ variety.

If the public can’t comprehend that personal space is sacred, particularly in the city, then they should be sent to a Japanese capsule hotel and left there for a month so that they can understand what it feels like to be surrounded at every turn.

Just back off Joe Public or run the risk of lighting my blue touch paper!

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