Thursday, 9 September 2010

Rock 'n' Raoul

The whole Raoul Moat furore has subsided and numerous journalists have given their take on things along the way there has been the face book debacle along with a pathetic and poorly executed audio tribute (which was described as sick by MPs; a term the recording artistes probably thought was a compliment).

Moat became something of a hero to a certain section of the great unwashed. Unusual that an ex convict suffering from Roid rage and an inflated ego, who shoots a woman and a police officer runs away from the consequences and ends up killing himself would be viewed like Martin Sheen in Badlands.

However the legacy of the whole business is that Moatism has left a mark on the hard of thinking. Countless ‘Staffies’ have been named Moaty. Raoul is now a popular name in northern maternity wards. Customers can take a ride on the Moat Boat along the canal to see, among other things, where Moaty pissed in a bush, the bench on which he sat and ate a Gregg’s pastie and the spot where he perished in a hail of molten lead. A new Company in the North have started a company who specialise in Moativational speaking; how to deal with conflict without not shooting someone, how to negotiate with law enforcement agencies without having to reload and how to run away from volatile situations. Even the mainstream has gotten involved with the forthcoming straight to DVD film Starring Danny Dyer Tamer Hasan and Adam Woodyat. Not to mention the Moat effect on the pop charts with the recently released

It’s only Rock ‘n’ Raoul
20 fugitive hits
Nowhere to run
Double Barrell
I Shot the Sheriff
Bang Bang!
Pump it up
and many more

Available on Moatown records!

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