Thursday, 2 September 2010

obscure objects of the desire?

Funny thing is that I was looking through my wardrobe and cupboards at the things that I liked back when I was a younger man and these things were  appealing to me and desirable, but most items that once held appeal can be looked back on with a wry chuckle at how awful your taste once was. That's why I was presently surprised that the majority of these items I think stand the test of time and I still wear them. Never about the labels but what looked and felt appropriate. Much like the movies and music of the time that I liked when it was new, they still hold an appeal for me. Some of those items are;
Converse all star
Paul Smith goods
Eau Savage
Fruit of the loom t shirts
Fred Perry Polo
Marks & Spencer pants
Harrington jacket
Oliver Peoples glasses
Adidas Track top
Schott Jacket
Richard James ties
Of course I am sure that I once wore ridiculous items of attire thinking misguidedly that I looked like the bees knees when I fact I looked silly.
I suppose that I probably look hopelessly out of fashion to some young people, which is a compliment as I don't wish ever to be 'in fashion',  but by the same token one day they will look back and wonder 'what on earth was I doing?'
Will there be enduring items and staples appearing , probably but staying power and classicism don't seem to be at play in designs for the masses. On the whole trend and marketability are more important that clean design and function.
Like most areas of creativity,you can't beat the classics.

let's have less obsession with labels ala Patrick Bateman and Julian Kaye and more time for things that are put together nicely and suit us.

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