Friday, 24 September 2010

My hit list #15 Portishead Dummy

 “You’re writing music because you’re really concerned about certain things and then it gets put on to entertain twats at trendy fondue dinner parties.” -Geoff Barrow

1."Mysterons" – 5:02
2."Sour Times" – 4:11
3."Strangers" – 3:55
4."It Could Be Sweet" – 4:16
5."Wandering Star" – 4:51
6."Numb" – 3:54
7."Roads" – 5:02
8."Pedestal" – 3:39
9."Biscuit" – 5:01
10."Glory Box" – 5:06
glory box live
Ethereal, strange, hypnotic no it's not a dinner party album. It's a piece of music that has aged impressively since it's release in 1994. Both subtle and powerful it happens to be an album that, beneath it's hipness is there to be listened to digested and enjoyed for the strange journey it takes you on..  
lalo Schifrin Danube incident

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