Saturday, 18 September 2010


Some Record covers that I have liked over the years.
Derek & Clive for the bloody mindedness. London Calling for the iconicism.Monk for the quirkiness. Schools out-a fold out desk with the vinyl encased in paper panties. Brain Salad Surgery, Gieger's disturbing, pre-Alien, imagery. XTC GO2 a statement for a cover. War a ghetto collage. Bowie, simple and other worldly. Stevie-rich illustration. Unknown Pleasures spartan and spacious. Led Zep phantasmagorical (ish). Sticky fingers Warhol complete with zip. Isaac Hayes Black Moses-biblical. Kings of Leon, great computationally. Stranded,one of Roxy's stylised ladies. New Order Eagle and mirror ball collide.

And my favourite cover ;Sex Pistols Never Mind The Bollocks-Music and image in perfect harmony.

..oh and top marks for Elvis Costello Accidents will happen. Barney Bubble's artwork intentionally manufactured inside out
...and of course PIL Metal Box

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