Friday, 27 August 2010

Ultimately doomed

Ultimate big brother is the ultimate example of terrible television. When John Logie Baird utilised the cathode ray he probably envisaged the television as a tool to educate and inform the world. Had a ghost of Christmas to come turned up on his doorstep and shown him Ultimate BB he would have summarily burnt his papers and emigrated to Timbuktu.When a culture starts to devour itself it's a sure sign of the imminence of the four horsemen. The moment when UK culture imploded was when this show was commissioned. It's broadcast is the lowest point of a televisual and social culture that was on the ropes anyway. It is the most banal am excruciating example of televisual detritus. The residents have lowered themselves by appearing on the show in the first place. By returning for a second helping it shows that the Victorian bear baiting and Roman gladiatorial arenas are alive and kicking in 21st century Britain. These so called celebrities are so hungry for attention that they are prepared to go under public scrutiny 24/7 for a career boost at any cost. Channel 4 is  the undertaker pall bearing the corpse of British television. It's not even about it's lack of depth it's the lack of heart. And without a heart there is no hope.

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