Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Polish Movie Posters

In 1968 the first poster museum in the world was opened in Warsaw. Two years earlier, Poland had held the First International Poster Biennial. The proximity of those two events was no coincidence. At that time, Poland was known for being the centre of "wall and board" art. Its distinct character and artistic value meant that the world soon began to speak of the Polish poster school.
Before the era of globalised entertainment made movie posters look the same in every country, Polish artists were creating their own versions for the internal market. What resulted was a whole school of artists trained in the art of the poster.
The style and inventiveness of these posters was not just restricted to 'highbrow' movies but  also utilised to advertise mainstream fare from Disney to Weekend at Bernies and from Star Wars to Superman. These posters are a great example of an artistic Polish culture meeting the western film industry and creating a hybrid form.  

Link to site showcasing Polish movie posters

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