Thursday, 26 August 2010

Barbarians at the gates of Selfridges

'we who are about to buy'
Now I wrote about the whole Roman sandal 'fashion' some months ago; an ugly and uncomfortable look foisted on the Masses by some ideas with bright ideas. Much to my dismay this footwear's ubiquity has now gotten ridiculous. I say this as whilst at the airport making my way back to the UK I spotted a young women wearing a pair of Nike Gladiator sandals! I mean, this is getting out of hand.
Maybe the whole gladiator theme is a representation of today's dog eat dog life in the urban arena, or maybe the big companies have twigged that you can make two pairs of these monstrosities using the same amount of leather/faux suede/plastic as would normally go into one pair of shoes.
I await with bated breath the expansion of the Gladiator range to include designer breast plates, funky shoulder bags come shields and umbrellas that have steel axes, tridents and swords attached at the end.

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