Saturday, 28 August 2010

annoyance and loathing in the UK

annoying people

The Independent Newspaper ran an article regarding the ten most hated people in the UK the list was in no particular order but was based on a number of factors largely perceptions, perceived wrong doing and smugness. Of course it's not hatred, it's annoyance. The ten in question were

• Mary Bale-cat binner
• Ashley Cole-avaricious love cheat slash national let down
• Sir Fred Goodwin-RBS bounder
• Peaches Geldof-0.0 grade point average
• Katie Price-inspirational author and icon
• Wendy Lewis-pissing on the cenotaph pissing off the nation
• Jeremy Kyle-Bear baiter in chief
• Duchess of York-spendaholic
• Simon Cowell-smug impresario
• Tony Hayward-BP’s Polluter maximus
A list of varying sorts, most hated due to how they have been represented in the media, some because they make money off of the gullibility of the masses. Others based on a perceived lack of talent and general lack of substance. There’s also the capitalist hatred vote.

Couldn't agree more on pathetic Peaches the Boomtown imbecile,but where, I ask myself, are the following people all of whom make me want to reach for a AK47?

• That bloke ’Adam’ (Kris Marshall) from the BT adverts- a pot purri of cliché
• Jeremy Clarkson-middle aged, middle class middle Englander with status issues
• Lembit Opik-dolly bird debacle expert
• Andrew Stone (Pineapple Dance studios)-makes Louie Spence (Pineapple Dance studios) seem like Stephen Fry
• Chris Moyles-behemoth of banality and bravado
• James Corden-just take a pause mate, please
• Axl Rose-caterwauling ex used- to- be
• Lady GaGa-talentless twerp
• Nick Griffin-that nervous laugh, that uncomfortable grin
• Nick Knowles-just put up some shelves and STFU

Annoyances the lot of 'em!

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