Thursday, 22 July 2010

Raging Avians

I’ve never been one for Coke Crack or any of the narcotics that seem to be commonplace, but I can get quite addicted. Examples; the Wire, Mini Chocó Leibnitz, London Pride and Monte Cristos. The latest thing that’s on my ‘to do (often) list’ is Angry Birds. Those of you reader(s) that have an iPhone may have had a little go on one of the many free games that are available. Most are far to complex and require too much concentration and need small nimble digits to be more than a 2 minute wonder, however Angry Birds requires a minimal of the following; Skill, concentration, seriousness or fingers as fast as a hummingbirds wings.

One basically fires the aforementioned angry birds from a catapult at green pigs. Yes it really is that simple. Most games on iPhone should never be played with the sound on, it’s discourteous and irritating. Angry Birds has sounds that are ludicrously amusing hare brained and dim witted; which is great when playing.

I got the free version, or Angry Birds lite, and started playing, the next thing I knew it was 2.00am and I had splashed out and paid the 55p that the full version cost.

Games in themselves are like Marmite for most people but, like someone who’s never tasted mussels and tries them, if you like them you want more mussels. Yes I am saying that a game about birds and pigs is like Marmite and mussels. In fact I don’t know what I’m saying I’m just trying to wrap things up and go and play Angry Birds!

It’s just utterly addictive and utterly ridiculous. Choose Angry Birds.

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