Sunday, 4 July 2010

Empire state of mind

“New York, just like I pictured it”-Living for The City (S.Wonder)

Once visited never forgotten this city has possibly had more great movies set in it than any other across the world. Here is a selection that represents aspects of the multi faceted metropolis. Some Directors, Allen, Scorsese, Lee set their movies there, so I have only selected one from each, others like Friedkin and Lumet come back time and again for the energy, the atmosphere and the cooperative NY Film Unit.
However it's not all about the grittiness associated with New York, there is also the fun side, the aspirants, the good times the wit and humour and the action. It's impossible to make a 'best of' selection when recommending the less serious side of New York movies but I have put together a list that shows some of these different aspects. I hope a viewing of some of the following will give a taste for those that haven’t visited NYC, and for those that have, will recapture the soul and feeling that you get on the streets of the big apple.

Broadway Danny Rose
The Producers
The Apartment
On the town
The Goodbye girl
The out of Towners
The King of Comedy
Adams Rib
The Seven Year itch
The prisoner of second avenue
Trading Places
As Good as it gets

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