Monday, 19 July 2010

couldn't Care less class©

When the fried chicken box is tossed onto the pavement is it because the thrower thinks ‘someone will deal with it’ or do they just not care about living in a litter strewn environment? When the dog drops his tummy on the pavement does the owner think 'someone will deal with it' or do they not give a shit about dog shit?

The kitchen needs fixing so get onto the social worker to sort it out. The children need school uniform the school will sort it. We are fortunate to live in a country in which member of society who genuinely need help have systems in place to offer that help. However needs and entitlements are not in the thoughts of some. It’s about wants and gets. The social contract has not been signed. The social contract is no longer worth the paper it has been signed on.

Thinking along the lines that someone else does everything may be the case. Someone else does provide money for those who choose not to work, someone else pays the rent, and someone else ensures that, mostly, their children are taken care of. Someone else picks up the rubbish and the bill. Someone else makes arbitrary decisions on allowing members of the population to survive with full assistance.

There’s always someone else; the state. The state has become the parent, a parent unable to provide a moral compass, unable to teach responsibilities, manners and community ethics.

The absent father became a standard following the social kaleidoscope of the sixties, and that attitude of absenting from responsibility seems rife in this century. The main group that have been affected is the working class. The working class as a distinction from the other group. What to identify the other group as; the non-working class? The underclass? (Chavs is too lazy and misguided a statement so I will not be entertaining that one). I think the term Care less class© is apropos.
The working class; morals, work ethic, manners. All those things do not apply to the Care less class© and because of this the blanket of social conformity to enable standards to apply does not exist for a great number of people.I can offer no solution, no insight or profound resolution when I think about the general hopelessness of a Care less class© culture that is culture less, and therefore without a soul.

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