Friday, 2 July 2010

Broadband Bellends

drink deep from the cup of ignominy

Charlie Brooker once did a run down of top ten biggest cocks in Advertising.

Now there’s a new cock at the top of the block; that bloke out of the BT broadband advert, who previously came in at number 5. His life with the yummy mummy her kids and her ex husband has reached new depths with the latest lad related outing.

He’s got the lot. The ‘mates’; the older brother one, the quirky one, the same as him one (probably went to Uni together) and the ethnic one. Theyre drinking Beer, chucking the banter and then racing to, what I perceive in my minds eye, as a designer barge to laddishly watch a stripper on the lap top. ‘Oh my days’ indeed!

Whenever I stumble upon this commercial I like to imagine I’m the captain of a reconditioned ex Soviet submarine prowling fifty meters off the coast where the barge is moored and I unleash torpedoes full of the novo virus at this group of grinning wretches. Blowing the whole lot of them, their smug grins, their barge and their BT broadband to smithereens in an eruption of bubbles smoke and toxin.

All that was left was a BT homehub bobbing boff into the middle distance

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