Thursday, 8 July 2010

Being N-Dubz the TV show

‘Reality series following the lives of rising music stars N-Dubz - who consist of Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer - as they adjust to their newfound fame as a group and enjoy success in the UK charts’-Channel 4
Great, just what we need, a fly on the wall infomercial about a pop group who’s aspiration is to be the UK’s version of the excruciating Black eyed peas. One of them looks like an anaemic smurf, the other a pound stretcher gangster and the other is presumably there to add some ‘ghetto fabulousness’.

The ungodly racket they produce is to popular music what the Lib/Dem alliance is to independent thought.

This rabble started off as the Lickle Rinsers Crew, their message was proudly extolled within the songs "Bad Man Riddim" and "Life Is Getting Sicker by the Day".

The most truly awful of this truly awful trio is a bloke who calls himself Dappy, his real name being Dino Contostavlos; a far more interesting moniker. This character has one of those faces you want to hit with a shovel. He has a habit of wearing ludicrous hats and bullying people using his mobile phone. Splendid stuff you faux role model you..

I would imagine that this offering from channel 4 will be watched by their fans. Those fans that, five minutes before the Dubz arrived on the scene loved another ‘band’ with equal fervour and will move on to another set of musical malcontents five minutes after the bubble bursts.

Extremely poor television and a reminder that Channel 4 which produces Cutting Edge, Channel 4 News and Despatches still has a large toe in the visual garbage market.

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