Sunday, 25 July 2010

Be Cool as Ice

Apple’s iPhone has been voted the coolest thing on the planet. That's by the arbiters of taste who imbibe at Costa Coffee.
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A poll of 3,000 British coffeeists saw the iPhone just ahead of its manufacturer Apple,in second place.The Internet was the third coolest thing according to the  study. At fourth place was the iPod, while Aston Martin’s DB9 rounded up the top 5. Cadbury’s chocolate and auction site eBay also made it to the top 10.
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Actor- Johnny Depp was the coolest ‘celebrity’ at 21 while ‘not sure what’- Cheryl Tweedy 48 and Ant and Dec 52 were above John Lennon, James Dean, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Michael Caine, Jack Nicholson,Frank Sinatra, Sean Connery, Johnny Cash, Clint Eastwood, Muhammad Ali, Barrack Obama and The Fonz (heeeeeeeeey!) 

“It was interesting seeing what the nation deems to be cool,” said Costa’s Kevin Hydes.

Yeah, very interesting! Not to mention utterly baffling!

Top 10 of the 100 coolest things on the planet are:

• iPhone-fair enough, it is good

• Apple-yeah their design ethic is excellent

• the Internet-sort of

• iPod-see number 1

• Aston Martin DB9-yeah, even if you don’t like cars this is pretty cool

• Cadbury’s chocolate-awful, it’s nowhere near being decent chocolate

• Sky+-Don’t leave home without it

• eBay-good for a bargain

• Mobile Phones-bit cool, bit annoying

• Facebook –AWFUL! just go out there and make some proper friends

Now everyone is entitled to an opinion about what quantifies coolness. It’s not actually a scientifically provable thing but most know what the general elements of being cool are. Therefore I was flabbergasted by a great deal of this list. In particular these utterly uncool selections;
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• GHD hair straighteners at 14-they straighten hair. You can do that with an iron.

• Sex & The City at 43-excruciating pap

• Primark at 50-cheap tat

• Ant & Dec at 52-Dull and Duller

• Avatar at 55-Dull smurfs

• The A-Team at 60-crap TV. crap movie. crap.

• Eastenders at 62-I prefer something a bit lighter; like The World at War

• The X Factor at 74-Can’t sing, won’t work

• The Twilight saga at 82-oh, just grow up!

• Jeremy Clarkson at 89-Cool? Bollocks,the dirty great lumbering oaf

• Big Brother at 90-Dragging it’s tired carcass in it’s final year, should have been put out of it’s misery eight years ago…with a sledgehammer

• Simon Cowell at 94 ( a place above Stevie Wonder! )-words fail me

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