Sunday, 18 July 2010

Astringency in the UK

“It is a simple but sometimes forgotten truth that the greatest enemy to present joy and high hopes is the cultivation of retrospective bitterness.” -Robert G. Menzies

A man with more reason to be bitter than most, Richard McCann, son of Wilma McCann, victim of the Yorkshire ripper told the BBC his family was pleased with this weeks High Court decision to keep Peter Sutcliffe in jail.

There were no histrionics and no bitterness about what this awful person had done to his victims just a calm statement. ''We're no longer going to have to live with that cloud of uncertainty about whether or not he would be released”

How different from the over reaction, hysteria and hero worship of ‘roid rage James Cagney wannabe Raol Moat. This shows a misplaced bitterness towards the police for doing their job which is frankly unbelievable. Moat was bitter that his ex partner had met someone else and bitter with the world for dealing him a poor hand (in his head).

Even spokesmouths like Jordan are banging on about stuff that they should remove from themselves like they would a cancerous growth. quite funny really as she has had more fortune than most and still makes a career out of being devoid of talent.

Being bitter is a negative feeling which, eventually, eats you up from the inside out. We humans can be an emotional and illogical lot. Blaming our shortcomings on others, placing blame at doors that were shut many years ago, and living with hate in the heart.

Why does this happen? Who knows? Unfortunately these stories remind us of conflicts throughout the world based on old, resentments, the roots of which have long since died. But wars and struggles continue. To what end? More strife more bloodshed (metaphorical or otherwise) and more bile.

Yes sometimes the news makes you wonder about how emotionally together us humans are. Richard McCann shows that he's not bitter.

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