Thursday, 3 June 2010

We don't need this Fashion groove thing


Surely the most vacuous, self indulgent, smug, inane and self serving industry on the planet. No one actually knows what the word fashion means. To most right minded people all they see is wafer thin morons pouting on catwalks in a selection of ludicrous uncomfortable and impractical creative excrement.

The people in the industry take themselves and their place in the world far too seriously and seem to exist in a vacuum that is devoid of common sense or humanity.

It appears to exist for its own sake and unlike the art world, which it aches to be associated with, there is no creativity that tells us anything about the human condition. The Fashion Industry would seem to be a refuge for the pretentious and untalented. Hate and scorn are its way of dealing with anyone not au fait with the creative process and the way in which young girls and boys are encouraged to be anorexic sycophants is alarming.

Wanting to wear nice clothes is absolutely acceptable and there are desirable items for all kinds of tastes, but the slavish and copycat nature of this industry ensures that any old tat can be peddled to the masses.

Far from encouraging individuality it churns out generic and stereotypical examples of conformity for cash.

Fashion, the industry, is truly the prime proponent of the Emperors New Clothes syndrome.

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