Wednesday, 30 June 2010

My Double Bills# 18 Eddie Murphy: Raw & Chris Rock: Bring the pain

Richard Pryor was of course the original incendiary black stand up / movie star and both Eddie and Chris owe a debt to him.In Raw Eddie does a routine about how much he admires Pryor. Both of these movies showcase stand up sets from these two talented comedians. There is a real sense of danger, almost Rock 'n' roll, about their performances, along with an underlying truth in what they say.

Murphy has a triumphant gig in New York and is on blistering form with a set rich in subject and execution. Rock talks about relationships, parenting, rap music, affirmative action and President Bush, among other things during his HBO show.
What both have is a charisma,stage presence and fearlessness. Both movies are available as audio and are as rewarding when listened to as when watched. Rock continues to undertake roles and projects that are diverse, while Murphy is known by millions for his roles in family movies. The young Murphy of 48 hours, Trading Places and Beverley Hills Cop is unrestrained in Raw. Watching it makes you realise what an exceptional stand up he was. Rock is the natural next generation from Pryor then Murphy.
Dangerous comedy from Eddie and Chris.Funny as hell.

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