Thursday, 10 June 2010

Johnny Vaughn feedback

My post yesterday received more reaction than most and the majority of comments were filled with ire directed at Johnny Vaughn. In light of this I thought I would add to the feelings of animosity towards poor Johnny by bringing 'Orrible to your attention.

'Orrible was a sitcom unleashed on an unsuspecting public by the BBC in 2001. It was utter tosh mostly due to the fact that it was written by and starred Johnny Vaughan. Correction; completely because it was written by and starred Johnny Vaughan

Former real life drug dealer and ex Con Vaughan appeared as a taxi-cab driver and wannabe small time criminal in Acton It was slated by critics, and all who watched it, for the awful script and Vaughan's ham fisted attempt at acting. To say it was a poor man’s on The buses would be giving it high praise.

So dire was it that it lost 40% of its audience over its first three episodes with extremely low viewing figures it only ran for one series but has never been repeated by the BBC.

The one piece of credibility Vaughn has is that he was honest enough to say the following when interviewed by The Stage in 2004 : "Ultimately, it was shit"
To true Johnny , too true

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