Tuesday, 29 June 2010


How best to deal with the heat?

It's hot. Officially, very hot.The heat brings out many things; smiles, relaxation,pleasure, fun. It also brings out a number of behaviours that put a dent into my feeling of serenity, for example inconsiderate shop staff who would rather not have to be indoors and therefore are irritable. Bus Drivers who just want to get out of the driver seat at the Bus depot; so much so that they drive erratically with spine juddering stops and starts.
The main thing that the heat results in is bare flesh. Now let me quantify that by saying that bare flesh per se is fine. After all who would prefer to be hot and uncomfortable when they can be cool and unrestricted? but it's the unleashing of third rate tattoos, rampant body hair and unkempt feet (a recurring theme some readers may say) that causes a kerfuffle in my minds eye.

It's 'get your tats out' time and sod us poor observers who prefer not to see badly drawn bulldogs and the legend Mum & Dad etched onto shoulders in black ink. Nor does the sight of spiritual Celtic etchings make for pleasant artistic visuals.
And of course young women with their Dagenham Barcodes on show sitting proudly at the base of their spine just above the bottom cleavage.
I'm not being stuffy or old fashion I just believe that if you've got it flaunt it but if you don't have anything remotely approaching 'it' for pity's sake keep it out of sight and out of mind.

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