Monday, 7 June 2010


I don’t like TV adverts. Correction; I hate TV Adverts. Any pretension to high art is strictly kept to car adverts where big budgets and creative minds jostle for the big bucks. Bill Hicks once said “Is there anyone here who works in marketing and advertising?” “yeah? Then kill yourselves”

The modern TV advert is Irritating and inane at best however there are two Ads currently doing the rounds that are jostling for position as the Uber Irritant of all irritants, they are Go Compare and

I watch most TV by pausing the blessed Sky+ and whizzing through the Ads at x30. Occasionally though, the programme catches up with real time and I am invariably subjected to either or both of these aural nightmares.

These Ads are like wasps. I hate wasps. They are the unruly teenager of the insect world and by definition Adverts are the wasps of the TV world.

I am sure that the minds behind sensory torture techniques at Guantanamo bay were drafted in to add creative input on these migraine inducing abominations.In these times of rapid visuals, loud sound bites and trashy gimmicks these two horrors battle it out for attention and cause a rash on the brain like a central African mosquito.

Oh for the much gentler refrains of old style adverts such as mild green fairy liquid, Hamlet and Flake. I hope, in real full circle style, that more relaxing commercials come back into favour. You never know people may grow to like a product advertised in a peaceful manner instead of identifying noise with selling.

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  1. I've considered throwing my brew at the screen when those shards-of-glass-to-eyes and barbed-skewer-to-the-earhole adverts invade this home!


having said that;