Monday, 21 June 2010

(Belated) Happy Birthday Kathleen Turner

Happy Birthday Kathleen Turner
Born June 19th 1954
Femme fatale of the eighties but did a diverse set of films  including Serial Mom, Romancing the stone,Prizzi's honor,Peggy Sue Got Married, Romancing the Stone, The War of the Roses, and The accidental tourist. she played sultry she played tough and she played funny. Still making the occasional TV appearance, anyone of my age will always remember Kathleen for the voice and the attitude.

"You aren't too smart, are you? I like that in a man"- Matty Walker: Body Heat
"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way"-Jessica Rabbit: Who framed Roger Rabbit
"Good evening. Welcome to China Blue Airlines, Flight 69, nonstop service to paradise. We'll be taking off shortly. I'll be unbuckling your belt and seeing that big bird rise and rise, finally settling into the comfort only this wide body can provide. We're here to serve you. Please remember that, although we may run out of Pan Am coffee, we'll never run out of T-W-A-T." - China Blue: Crimes of Passion
"I don't think there's a girl floating in any jar anywhere who's as happy as I am! Oh, Michael, you do so much for me, and I do nothing for you!" Anne Uumellmahaye: The man with two brains

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