Sunday, 16 May 2010

TVs unHidden gems #8 Made in Britain

Made in Britain is a 1982 television play directed by Alan Clarke, and written by David Leland, about a 16-year-old white power skinhead named Trevor (played by Tim Roth, in his television debut), and his constant confrontations with authority figures. It was originally broadcast on ITV as the fourth in an untitled series of four plays by Leland, all loosely based around the British educational system. As with many Alan Clarke works, the director attempts to depict English working-class life, realistically without moralising or complex plots. The play features strong language, violence, racism and an anti-establishment feeling. Cinematographer Chris Menges's use of the Steadicam contributed to the fluid and gritty atmosphere of the play.

It is widely available and is still as intense as it was when first broadcast.Tim Roth's Trevor stands out in a number of extended scenes and it caused a stir when first shown. Powerful stuff.

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  1. With his 'out-of-place within society feel, and his nothing-to-loose stance, it kind of feels very relevant to all the rioting and looting that is going on right now. ....though Trevor was actually quite intellectual and could give a good argument. The idiot kids we see and hear on the news right now are just uneducated opportunistic scum.


having said that;