Wednesday, 12 May 2010

TVs Hidden gems#7 Dream On

To summarize the show, Time magazine said it depicted a "neurotic New Yorker (Brian Benben) coping with divorce, dating and other modern trials, while scenes from old TV shows rattle around in his head."

HBO alonside producer John Landis created this superb comedy that was broadcast late night on Channel
The show centered around Martin Tupper's (Brian Benben) life in an apartment in New York City with his teenage son, and relating to his ex-wife, while trying to date other women and succeed as an editor for a small book publisher. The show was notable for its frequent use of clips from old movies to express Martin's inner life and feelings, which lent it much of its quirky appeal. The flashbacks of old film and television show scenes also had the immediate appeal, reminding viewers about the impact of TV on their consciousness. The show is primarily significant, however, for being one of the first American sitcoms to use cursing and nudity, uncensored. This was possible because it was on a pay-cable channel, rather than free network TV.
Dream On first aired July 1990 on HBO, and was cancelled 1996. One season of the show, with language and nudity edited for broadcast, aired in prime time on the Fox Network. This version was later made available in syndication and unfortunately may be most people's experience of this excellent show.

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