Monday, 17 May 2010

TVs Hidden Gems # 9 Ghost squad

The Ghost Squad starred Elaine Cassidy as Amy Harris as an idealistic young undercover detective recruited to The Ghost Squad by her powerful new boss, Detective Superintendent Carol McKay. Pete, a thrill-seeking detective, lends support and guidance to Amy as she is thrust into the gritty new world of undercover work.Shown briefly on Channel 4this show had a bleakness and depth that made you feel the dilemmas that the job presented to Cassidy's Character.But 'The Ghost Squad' does also have some distinguishing characteristics of its own. By focusing on a single officer, it retained a claustrophobic feel throughout: in general, we know what she knows, nothing more. In the lead role, Elaine Cassidy is superb Even if at times, the world portrayed seems just that bit more intense than reality ever is, this was still top quality drama, intelligently structured, fast moving, and impeccably executed. It deserved better than a late night slot and the minimal publicity it received.

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  1. Thanks for the posting, I originally saw her in Fingersmith and she blowed my conception of Maud with this fantastic character. I can't believe that Elaine hasn't got much more publicity.


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