Wednesday, 12 May 2010

TVs Hidden Gems #6 The Fear

Carl Galton is a product of the London of the 1980's, a new breed of young Armani clad gangster, who deal in extortion and protection rackets in Islington. Everything is hunky dory until Carl’s younger brother goes to a bar in the East End - a rival territory - and gets killed in a brawl. Carl, who starts off merely wanting to exact his revenge, realizes that there is territory here for the taking. The argot of London wide boys with narrow lapels is extremely well observed and the camera glides stylishly across glossy magazines, grotty flats and London streets gilded with the reflected glare of mercury lights. This is Paul Hines’ first attempt at writing drama and Euston Films has discovered a major talent. Spread over five compelling episodes it is a thriller that is tailor-made to fit its market. It’s all here - wonderful acting, atmospheric music, the elliptical method of story telling and the kind of direction and camerawork that composes each frame with meticulous care. ‘The Fear’ was the first of it’s kind and spawned many inferior imitations. What makes it special for me is that it was set and filmed in the Islington i lived in during my twenties and strikes some real resonance for me

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