Monday, 10 May 2010

TVs Hidden Gems #5 King of The Ghetto

Drama serial by Farrukh Dhondy, in four parts, set in the Brick Lane area of East London, and concerning a power struggle between the white and Bengali communities made and set in 1986. Tim Roth took an important step toward his inevitable stardom in this obscure miniseries. Filmed on location in London's East End, King of the Ghetto was the story of a young white entrepreneur (Roth) who hoped to set up a Bangladeshi community-housing project in a rundown neighborhood. First, however, the protagonist would have to dispense with the "squatting rights" claimed by the current residents of the abandoned buildings which he wanted to either renovate or tear down. The series' background music was written and performed by celebrated British blues guitarist Dave Kelly, while many real-life residents of London's Bengali community appeared in minor roles.

It is also notable for Ian Drury's Acting debut.

Unlike the other TV gems this is near impossible to get hold of in any format.

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  1. You can see it on you tube, in four parts if you have a search. I`ve been looking for this since I first saw it. Its excellent.


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