Saturday, 8 May 2010

TVs Hidden Gems #3 Johhny Jarvis

Johnny Jarvis is a 1983 British television drama series created and written by Nigel Williams, adapted from his novel of the same title. The series was produced by BBC. The principle actors were Mark Farmer, Johanna Hargreaves, Ian Sears, Alrick Riley and Jamie Foreman. Today it is credited as capturing the zeitgeist of early 1980s UK life. The signature tune for the series was provided by Gary Shail, who's career went on to him being the comedy Punk in Metal Mickey!

Of it's time yes, but you did want to follow the paths of the protagonists. It's the kind of drama that was made back then , flawed certainly but it felt real and was young in it's essence. Rumour has it that the series has been erased from the BBC's tape archive, preventing any further release but extant copies on the internet prove the rumour to be incorrect.

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