Thursday, 13 May 2010

Happy Birthday Stevland Hardaway Judkins

"Ya gots to work with what you gots to work with. " -Stevie Wonder
May 13th 1950
Stevie Wonder; singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (Wonder plays the piano, synthesizer, harmonica, congas, drums, bass guitar, bongos, organ, melodica, and clavinet) record producer and absolute musical legend. I always see it as a good test of character if someone doesn’t like Stevie. His music over the years has been some of the best popular music ever produced. From the early Motown days of ‘Little’ Stevie Wonder through the awesome run of albums that included Innervisions, Talking book and fulfillingness’ first finale.
Apart from being born Blind, Black and poor in 50's America his talent took him all the way. Stevie has more talent, literally, in his little finger than most so called legends, and his music has reflected the times and the struggles of urban black America.
His impact on other musicians is immense; as a socially conscious musical performer he influenced popular music. He also helped to bring synthesizers to the forefront of popular music and was one of the first black artists to have music critics within the rock fraternity appreciate his abilities. He has recorded more than thirty U.S. top ten hits and won twenty-two Grammy Awards, the most ever won by a male solo artist. But the stats don’t tell half the story of the sheer joyous creativity of his music.
And you know what? Stevie Wonder is a musical genius be he is above all a great bloke! What more can you say? I leave you with some wise words from the man
"Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there."
"Sometimes, I feel I am really blessed to be blind because I probably would not last a minute if I were able to see things. "
"The two big advantages I had at birth were to have been born wise and to have been born in poverty. "
"You can't base your life on other people's expectations." -Stevie Wonder

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