Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Generic Fried Chicken

Why the sharp drop in IQs? Why is there more anti-social behaviour? Why are the streets full of people with cans of cider and Staffordshire bull terriers? Why are there more people hobbling around on crutches? Why do people not queue anymore? Why are there postcode wars?

Fried Chicken! Yes fried chicken is the Soylent Green of the 21st century.

I’m not accusing Colonel Sanders of polluting the population I’m talking about generic fried chicken; GFC©. The ubiquitous yellow and orange box with the inspiring words ‘fried chicken’ emblazoned in a design-less font is to be seen on street corners everywhere. It has taken over from the chippie, Mickey Ds and the Colonel as the choice on the streets.

It’s obviously a conspiracy; the cheaply battery reared chickens are injected with a stupidity serum by a shadowy corporate organisation. Their plan, to lower the intelligence quota of the masses and take over a moribund and docile populace.

Say no to Southern fried chicken©, Dixie fried chicken©, Best fried chicken©, Tennessee fried chicken©, and Terry’s fried chicken© and all the other variations. They are playing a major part in the dumbing down of society.

The Bird brains are winning

It’s finger lickin’ bad

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  1. I think you may have something there! I'm dining out tonight with Chicken on the menu but not fried....is there danger?


having said that;