Thursday, 27 May 2010

David Beckham

The England football team is currently full of self serving loathsome individuals, which is why I find it hard to raise any enthusiasm for their forthcoming World Cup exploits.
The thing is that when David Beckham is discussed there is a note of resentment and immaturity about the critique. Now it may not be the done thing but I like David Beckham. He has been criticised and vilified by intellectuals and England supporters alike, for his lifestyle choices, his silly hair and his reptilian wife. But let’s look at the reality. A working class boy, who, while gifted, was not the most talented player of his generation but worked hard at his game and managed to play for Manchester United, Real Madrid and AC Milan,. Captain of England; representing his country over 100 times. A family man who behaves himself and comes across as a pretty ordinary bloke who has done well for himself. Some of his performances for England have been outstanding some not so good but you get the feeling that the majority of the time he has given his all.

Given that the modern player is, generally speaking a badly behaved petulant gad-about I think that Beckham isn’t a bad role model. Yes I know Footballers shouldn’t be role models in a reasonable society but the fact is that they are to many young people.

It’s almost accepted that things and people that are popular get criticised and Beckham is one of those people who gets stick from those that should know better. The argument that he is not intelligent and is not an academic is a fatuous one. I have met many people with degrees left right and centre that are as bright as a 2 Watt bulb.

Yes, he does all the charity stuff and is an ambassador, which can't be a bad thing, but David Beckham is a fellah who has achieved a lot through application and taking opportunities as they have presented themselves. All the talk about being a cultural icon, clothes horse and model takes away the fact that a kid from London has become a success above and beyond his sport. Nice one David.

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