Monday, 3 May 2010

Crutches on the streets of London

Not being a resident of Camden, I do have professional reason to visit the fair borough. I have noticed something that is becoming a bit of an epidemic; Crutches.

People with crutches everywhere you turn! Now I'm pretty sure that there has not been an outbreak of landmines in NW1 so what is the possible explanation of this phenomenon?
Could it be due to falling over while drunk? falling over while stoned? breaking a leg while climbing over a neighbours garden wall in the middle of the night? caused while bailing out of a stolen car? messing up your veins by shooting narcotics into your groin? running away from the police? due to trying to remove an ankle tag using bolt cutters? caused by burning your leg on the exhaust pipe of a stolen moped?being bitten by Keyser your pet 'Staffie'? Dropping a bottle of White lightning on your foot? or just plain laziness?
Who knows why the Crutch has become the new Burberry cap, maybe it's just a fashion statement or street credibility thing (I'm only half joking here) but , what was once the exclusive property of the broken legged, has now become a regular sight on the streets. I wouldn't be suprised if ITV 2 launch a new weekend show 'Dancing on Crutches' to appeal to this market.
Go on, next time you re down town have a look; I bet you will notice the 'Crutchies' now!

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  1. Thinking on it - you're right! I've noticed the same thing in Southend. I just assumed it was an excuse for diasability's making me self conscious about using my stick now!


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