Friday, 14 May 2010

Concept album chaos

Ah the concept album. the mainstay of the british rock scene and a hard nut to crack. Many attempts have been made, Tommy, Quadraphenia and Ziggy Stardust are great examples of this rock 'n' roll sub genre. Unfortunately some artists get ideas above their station and produce works of sheer awfulness; these range from the ponderously boring to the pretentiously mundane.

This is a bottom ten of concepts that should have stayed as just concepts

1. Sham 69 -That's life. a ham fisted unsubtle attempt at a slice of life.

2.Donna Summer-once upon a time. a disco fairy story
3.The Kinks -Arthur...Even great songwriters can cock things up
4.Moody Blues -days of futures passed.Dreary dull and makes you feel like you've passed

5.Kiss-The Elder. Kiss without the makeup proved even worse
6.Mariah Carey-memoirs of an imperfect angel. pretentious nonsense
7.Serge Gainsbourg-Rock around the bunker. a supposed satirical look at Nazis!
8.Girls aloud-Chemistry. a supposed 'loose' concept album examining the state of modern celebrity; truly awful
9.Rick Wakeman. King Arthur... This was performed on Ice!!!
10.Sarah Brightman- Dive. Lame duck drowns

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  1. I actually own Rick Wakeman's KING ARTHUR....but I was so much old then, I'm younger than that now.


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