Friday, 23 April 2010

Welcome to Twin Peaks

Cherry Pie, , The Log Lady, Killer Bob, Agent Cooper, Sheriff Truman, The Red Room, The Beautiful Audrey , Laura, Josie and Donna, Prostitution, the backwards talking Dwarf, Murder, Obsession, Hit men, The FBI, Giants with revelations and Damn fine coffee.

These things characterised the surreal world of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks, a landmark in Television is released in a definitive gold version this month. From the opening bars of Angelo Badalamenti’s score we were drawn into the town of Twin Peaks to both be immersed into and bear witness to unfathomable events both horrifying and humorous.
David Lynch incorporated elements of improvisation that came about by accident, into his world view and the narrative defies pigeon holing. The casting was a split between Lynch discoveries and , prior to Tarantino, the use of veteran actors. The results made for must see TV, particularly during Season 1 but less so as season 2 stumbled to its conclusion. The thing about Twin Peaks was that it seeped into a public consciousness that, at the time, was extremely rare for what was essentially a cult BBC 2 show.
Twin Peaks incorporated the paranormal, horror, oblique comedic overtones, melodrama, Murder mystery and Soap Opera to tremendous effect. Due to it’s success other shows came in it’s wake attempting to subvert the mainstream, notably the unsuccessful Wild Palms, but these shows lacked the guiding force of David Lynch.
Lynch remains an enigmatic figure and the movie that followed; Twin Peaks: Fire walk with me is greatly under rated. In Film terms David Lynch is one of the few genuinely unique movie makers and this foray into TV was an inspiring example of how to challenge a TV audience and probably led the way for the rise of HBO.Damn fine TV

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