Friday, 16 April 2010

Tribute to The Barron Knights

An inspirational record cover from the BKs
Pul, Arctic Monkeys take note

Consisting of Duke D'Mond, Barron Anthony, Butch Baker, Peter Langford and
Dave Ballinger The Barron Knights have had one of the longest careers of any British band spanning the swinging sixties up to the present day (although only Langford remains active)
They formed in Leyton Buzzard and started out as a straight pop group, in 1959, they then went to Hamburg, in 1963 on the request of Brian Epstein., they toured with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, had a hit single written by Pete Townshend, had a number 7 UK hit in the punk year of 1977 and they still tour to this day.
Fame first came in 1964 with "Call Up the Groups". Overcoming copyright restrictions through parodies of The Searchers, Freddie and the Dreamers, The Dave Clark Five, The Bachelors, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles.
On Pop Goes the Workers! High vocals from D’Mond mimicked the female singers the Supremes, and Sandie Shaw.Comic parodies then became their staple for the next 4 decades. They had a number of successful singles, including a billboard hit in the US and toured non stop over the years.
Their many parodies/targets have included Leo Sayer, Brotherhood of Man, Tom Jones, David Bowie, Boney M, The Small Faces, The Smurfs, Supertramp and even Barbara Woodhouse.
The Barron Knights reflect a bygone age when popular music was fun and carefree. All hail the kings of pop parody

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