Saturday, 10 April 2010

a right Pen and Ink

Why do so many people on the street smell? I mean really bad!

In this day and age with pound shops Linx and hundreds of varieties of chewing gum what's the excuse? Sharing space with others means having some sort of responsibility to not impose a reek on the community. Even some shop assistant ,who's job is to be in contact with the public, pong. If these troglodytes lived in a tribal community they would be banished to a cave in the forest. I mean how hard is it to have a wash and change ones clothes on a regular basis? There's also the soaked in cannabis smell, the cheap spirits excrete, the smoking forty a day indoors with the windows closed stink. And the 'I can't be bothered with deodorant' waft.

There used to be a deodorant advert where a stranger would approach someone who was causing a whiff and whisper helpfully in their ear "BO" this prompted the purchase of said deodorant and smiles all round. This practise she be rejuvenated for modern times.

I for one am tired of having my nostrils assaulted by these ant social wretches.

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  1. It is a form of assault and should be punished by law.


having said that;