Saturday, 19 June 2010

Return of Goldeneye

Just want to share something with you good reader...
...I'm so excited! strange words from wellyousaythat i hear you cry. Yes some of you may not have read past the title of the post but those who know my feelings about Goldeneye the game(*see previous post) will begin to understand my excitement, when I say that a new version is coming out on Wii in November. Just in time for winter when I can actually justify spending large chunks of time in the study with controller in hand. In The thirteen years since the original we have a new Bond and of course far more complex and realistic gameplay but the developers have stuck to the spirit of the original.

I am so excited and I literally can't wait!

Ok now I'm off for a relaxing cup of coffee and an almond slice.....I'm so excited I might just watch the trailer again (and ignore the market research panel at the start; I'm not like them, really I'm not, for a start I'm much older)
goldeneye wii trailer 2010

Previously Posted 22/04/10

*Like most people my age my first introduction to Computer games was simplistic fare such as Asteroids and Pong two colour games with basic gameplay, often played while waiting for fast food. The revelation came with Space Invaders followed by Pac Man; games you could play on coffee table style consoles while having a pint down the pub. Then, like most, other stuff was more important. What drew me back into the world of games was Goldeneye on the then groundbreaking Nintendo 64.
Anyone who enjoyed/obsessed over this game will be taken right back to the late nights and early mornings trying to master The Control Level, or attempting to blow up Xenia Onotopp in the jungle, when they hear the music and sound of guns and alarms in the attached video.
So immersed did I get in playing this game that I reached the frankly frightening stage of seeing guards and Russian soldiers in my peripheral vision as I went about my daily routine.
Since those days I have played a number of games, none with the intensity of commitment that I gave to Goldeneye. Keeping up with technology has meant embracing certain things (iPhones, Powerbooks, Oysters, and Cashback etc). Clearly games have advanced in terms of design and realism, but there is something about Goldeneye that is appealing. Its style, complexity, fun and inventiveness was refreshing at the time and hearing the theme fills me with nostalgia. In fact I’m off the attic to dust down the N64 plug it in and sit back and enjoy for an hour or so…or possibly longer.

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