Thursday, 8 April 2010

paparazzi pyjama pop out

Pyjamas on the streets of Birmingham.

I wondered how this latest of crazes came about where young girls are out and about going to the shops to top up on B&H in their pyjamas and ubiquitous Uggs. In fact certain High Street stores up North have banned Pyjamas in their stores, much like the banning of hoodies in the Chav cathedral that is Bluewater.The reason for the pyjama fad is obvious when you analyse it; Celebrity fixation.

Coleen, Kerry, Danielle That Hollyoaks girl ad naseum. They all love to pop down the shop in their Jim jams, just shows how bling they are. The cult of the paparazzi pyjama pop out has clearly struck a chord with the young and clueless. Another sign of cultural bankruptcy or another reminder that following trends and perceived lifestyle choices of celebrities has become an obsession.

I’m unsure what they think in Liverpool, Gateshead and Asda but In the Far East wearing pyjamas in public is looked on as a public display of wealth. But the opposite is most likely true.

Some say “It’s a welfarist ‘badge of honour’, proclaiming not just that the state funds their leisure time, but also that they’re staking their claim over the wider neighbourhood as an extension of their bedroom.”
Others say “It’s a new level of not caring about yourself, societal norms and those around you. It’s saying to the world: ‘I’ve never worked and I’ve no intention of ever doing so, now give me twenty Super kings and a packet of Rizla’.”

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