Monday, 5 April 2010

My Double Bills # 8 identity is the crisis can't you see

Scott McGehee and David Siegel's exploration on memory and identity released in 1993 sits comfortably alongside Chris Nolan's later Memento. The term existential could have been coined for these movies. Nothing is what it seems and the notion of self is explored within the context of a murder and the piecing together of detail.
Suture is a little seen movie who's most famous cast member is Denis Haysbert (President Palmer from 24)its shot in crisp black and white while Memento is filmed in sombre hues.

"Isn't it remarkable how much we look alike?" says Haysbert's character Clay Arlington when he meets his half brother Vincent Towers. The irony being that they don't. This notion is almost an in joke but becomes an unanswerable conundrum. The fact that a doctor who has a key role in the story is called Dr. Renee Descartes is a nod to philosophy.

Memento is a better known work and was Nolan's second movie. While being a cult film, probably due to it's non linear structure there is more to it than it's backwards presentation. On DVD it can be watched in linear form and still remains a powerful piece.

Both films have themes of memory, perception, grief, self-deception, and revenge and both films have a dream like quality.Both films have trance like sountracks and demand an attentive viewer.

A double bill that entertains and gives you a mental workout.

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