Thursday, 1 April 2010

Magazine meaning in a crowded market

3.The Face
8.Total Football
Some magazines set an agenda of being different yet the same as their competitors.
The Face was the eighties preeminent style bible and launched a look and a voice for hip young urnbanites. The Face Tv Advert
Arena was the men's magazine that had men on the cover and was designed and executed superbly.
Total football was the only real competitor to FourFourTwo and gave a more fan orientated view of the beautiful game.
Hotdog was more cult movie than mainstream and the short lived Filmstar threatened to break Empires stranglehold on the market, it was fresh and insightful and not prone to fawning over certain films and directors as Empire is prone to doing.
Sorted was a strange idea, it was a christian Lads Mag, an idea that clearly didn't have legs.
Possibly the best magazine to have come and gone leaving a gap in the market was Jack, a fine periodical that encompassed many topics for men in a fun yet comprehensive way.
But the key magazine of recent years was Sugar Ape it set the tone for a generation, graphically rewarding with insightful articles from the likes of the multi talented Dan Ashcroft.A style bible and a genuinely zeitgeist capturing urban dispatch.

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