Sunday, 4 April 2010

Driven to despair

The London bus driver is no longer the devil may care king of the road with his conductor riding shotgun. He or she is the new automaton public servant. Unprofessional and uncouth. As likely to refer to a paying passenger as ‘Oi!’ rather than ‘Sir/Madam’. Peering out from behind their plexi glass encased kingdom, the come across as aloof and supercilious, they no longer feel the need to engage with their passengers, or customers as I’m sure they are told to refer to us as. “I’m not bank” the driver said to me when I presented him with a fiver. So I (politely) asked for a form to fill in to pay the fare at a later date. His response? Turning the engine off.

Now these small things can have the capacity to make a calm person turn into Patrick Bateman. It’s the rudeness, refusal to comply with LRT policy and the blatant disregard for common sense and common courtesy. The bullet proof barrier makes them feel that they can act with impunity secure in the knowledge that they can sit behind the wheel of the stationery bus indefinitely while the passenger needs to get somewhere.

In the end, rather than sit tight and wait for the police to arrive and then prove my point, I bought two tickets. He was able to give me change as he fished 3 £1 coins from his pocket. Absolutely infuriating!

This happened on a 24 and is the second time there has been an ‘incident’ on this route. In fact the attached pictures perfectly sum up the stupidity of the route 24 driver; unable to judge the height of a bridge resulting in an open top 24!
Crashes apart these drivers are the worst in a field of stiff competition. Maybe it’s the mentality at the garage or maybe the drivers are having an ongoing bet as to who can be the most officious, rude and malodours twerp on the road.

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