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Perhaps more than any group of musicians, producers and writers the Chic organisation personified an era in black music. Their sound exemplifies a cool sophisticated dance scene, their irony and empowerment brought them respect from such rock orientated press as NME and Melody Maker. In their heyday they were a production line of quality, perhaps At their best when in tandem with the glorious voices of Sister Sledge.

Despite success with the songs on the danceflloor they produced albums of subtlety and depth, even When Motown heard their mix of Diana Ross’ 1980 solo album and thought it was too Chic (only recently was the original Chic mix available) the album produced a number of hits. On actual Chic albums there are excursions into more stripped back songs. Ultimately with Bernard Edwards, Nile Rogers and Tony Thompson at the core Chic always had the tightest of grooves.
Anyone who experienced the Chic organisation the first time around is taken back to a wonderful time when one of their instantly recognisable hits is heard.
Here's to the good times

We are Family – Sister Sledge (key track One more time)
Cest Chic-Chic (key track I want your love)
Risque-Chic (key track My feet keep dancing)
Diana – Diana Ross (key track Tenderness) *the Deluxe edition features the original Chic mixes as opposed to the release version modified by Motown
Love somebody today-Sister Sledge (key Track Pretty Baby)
Spacer – Sheila & B.Devotion (12” B side)
Chic-Chic (Key track Everybody dance)
Why-Carly Simon (12” version)
Real People – Chic (key track Real people)
Norma Jean-Norma Jean Extended version (key Track Hold me lonely boy)
Chicism-Chic (key track My loves for real)
Take it off-Chic (Key track Stage Fright)
Core band:
• Bernard Edwards - vocals, bass
• Nile Rodgers - guitar
• Tony Thompson - drums
• Alfa Anderson, Luci Martin - lead vocals
The Chic Strings:
• Karen Milne
• Marianne Carroll
• Valerie Haywood
• Cheryl Hong
• Karen Karlsrud
• Gene Orloff
Additional personnel:
• Vocals - Fonzi Thornton, Michele Cobbs, Ullanda McCullough, Luther Vandross, Jocelyn Brown
• Keyboards - Robert Sabino, Andy Schwartz, Raymond Jones, Nathaniel S. Hardy, Jr.
• Percussion - Sammy Figueroa
Further Reading;
Everybody dance-Chic and the politics of Disco by Daryl Easlea
Publisher: Helter Skelter
ISBN-10: 1900924560

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