Tuesday, 16 March 2010

undercover Princesses in search of Frogs

BBC 3s Undercover princesses has taken a typical fish out of water reality format and produced sometinhg that is charming endearing and genuinely funny. The Three Princesses in question are Princess Sheillah Nvannungi from the Buganda kingdom Uganda, Aaliya of Balasinor in Gujarat, India and the star of the show is undoubtedly Princess Xenia of Saxony Germany.

All three women have an innocence that is refreshing, particularly as the programme is set in Essex, where amid and despite of the perceived dearth of warmth from the locals they find themselves befriended. The way in which they all relate to the people they meet is a reminder of the open mindedness that a lack of cynicism can bring. The fact that in their real lives they are waited on and have their every need attended to is not evident as they familiarise themselves with Essex life and Essex nightlife.

Sheillah decides to adopt the name Cinderella in case she is recognised and the goofy yet charming Xenia's chooses Gabriella as her nom de plume.

Xenia should be the most irritating member of the group with her repetition of the term "coowal!" but she is a genuinely charming presence who shows a great deal of care for her companion Princesses.

It would have been easy for the programme to ridicule and gasp at the difference in cultural references of these women , but it doesn't.
It's a genuinely warm piece of TV, and I for one hope that they do find that Frog that they are looking for.

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