Monday, 29 March 2010

Its Top trumps time

As we head into the local elections season we find ourselves in a period of 'purdah'. This is a local government thing that basically prohibits talking about political candidates. Which is ironic, as there is nothing to talk about. Nor can employees give any support which is again ironic as supportability is not something that candidates have.

The reason I say this is because having received leaflets and letters from candidates I have found these documents useful for only one thing; Top Trumps.

Like the card game popularised in the eighties and rejuvenated to include Doctor who and Wrestling, the candidates have categories (items) that can be matched and rated.

• Empty Promises
• Criticism of other candidates
• Crime reduction pledges
• Safer neighbourhood guarantees
• Believability
• Smugness

The player with the best or highest values wins each hand and the player with all the cards at the end wins.

It may seem flippant to reduce politics to the simplicity of a card game but deciding which candidate is the least untrustworthy is something of a gamble and I cant help but think that whoever is elected the decks are loaded against us.

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