Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Some inspiration for all of 'us'who have suffered blunt barbs and predictable name calling. My fellow optically challenged.These bespectacled giants include a pioneer of the silent movie, leading light in the early rise of Hip hop, as famous as a President, the other half of the Chic Organisation, Spiritual leader, The most successful comic author of all time, Role model in sport, musical maverick, heavy weight soul, contemporary film maker, Style icons, British icons and The walrus. I salute you all!

Henry Kissinger
Woody Allen
Spike Lee
Herbie Hancock
John Lennon
Michael Caine
Berrnard Edwards
Elvis Costello
Harold Lloyd
Marcello Mastroianni
Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels
Larry David
Arthur Ashe
Charles Schulz
Malcolm X
Fidel Castro
James Dean
Peter Sellers
Isaac hayes
Dalai Lama

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