Friday, 26 March 2010

Dirty? Sexy? Funny?

Sexy ?

In a formula first popularised by Candid Camera,expanded upon by Trigger Happy TV and taken on a tangent by Phone Jacker Olivia Lee fronts a new show on Comedy Central. The show takes a pot shot at TV shows like Gossip Girl, MTV's real world shows,Ugly Betty and other chick fare, lite on depth high on shallow.

The star plays larger-than life pranks on unsuspecting members of the public, who become part of the action. As well as the stunts, the series also features a number of scripted sketches and various characters from Lee and her collaborators.
Olivia creates character (some more successful than others) which include Miss Single, a desperate single exasperating estate agents and salesman
Ms Technophobe,pissing off shop assistants The Door Bitch,Lady Gatecrasher, Obsessive neurotic Flatmate and Bad Date girl,who's shtick is tricking blokes into embarrassing themselves whilst dinning in Theberton Street Islington.
The performances by Olivia vary in impact however she does have a genuine persona that comes across. Some of the writing is inventive oblique and pretty funny;
"I want a skinny Yakaccino, I'm cow milk intolerant so it's made with Yaks milk"
"Go on show him how you moon walked in court?"
"You dirty little cowboy and I'm your Indian"
"oh, your hands were up in my business last night"
"Are we going somewhere that rhymes with 'Blearter'?"
"That's three words and neither one of them is the special word"
"Can you back off mate? I've sentenced her to my cock"

It's essentially a mix of real set ups and fakery but shows a fledgling talent.
For Olivia the message is; watch this space

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