Thursday, 4 March 2010

DAWN PORTER an appreciation

Dawn Porter, investigative journalist? Of course not. The voice of trendy youth? no way. Shallow celebrity? Absolutely not!
What I like about Dawn is her self deprecation and willingness to expose her inner and outer self in the quest to explore topics that range from serious (Breast cancer) to interesting (Polygamy) cultural (Geishas) and surreal (Mail order brides).
Her style is at the charming end of Louis Theroux and the driven end of Daisy Donovan.
No articles or Pap snaps in the tabloids for our Dawn. She just seems to get on with doing her job in an always entertaining way.
Is Dawn attractive? Yes she is, not in the usual media-fied way but in her own ‘Dawn’ way.
Anyone who has seen her shows will attest to her humour and good grace and no shortage of honesty.
Here’s to you Dawn, at the moment a well kept secret. I get the feeling that when, inevitably she reaches a wider audience she will remain our Dawn.
Good on ‘yer girl!

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