Monday, 22 March 2010

a dark journey with Lizzie and Sarah

Lizzie and Sarah is the dark and surreal product of Julia Davis best known for the ultra dark Nighty Night and Jessica Haynes from Spaced.
It’s extreme yet funny, dark yet humorous it is above all a show that has moments when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry. A challenging programme among the unimaginative dross.
Two suburban wives who take a twisted journey, with shades of Thelma and Louse on crack. Murder, bullying, self loathing and extreme behaviour are par for the course for our heroines. It was shown at 11.45 Saturday night probably because of it’s other worldly content, but deserves a larger audience. It will become a major hit if handled right and is already pencilled in by me as essential viewing.
To quote the Head of the shows production company "It's darker than the BBC had anticipated and it caught them by surprise."
So get on board now before it becomes the latest cult show leading to critical acclaim.
episode 1 on iPlayer

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