Wednesday, 3 March 2010

3 Reasons to not be Cheerful

1. The removal of phone directories from phone boxes

2. The disappearance of Bus Conductors, Train platform guards, Park keepers and the like

3. The end of queuing at bus stops

Three things that happened that were indicators of the start of a breakdown in the public's social contract.
The phone box of old contained the A-Z directory that could be flipped up opened and referred to prior to making a call, however they were removed due to people setting fire to them, urinating on them and generally vandalising the boxes.
Public servants used to be around to moderate unruly behaviour and provide authority figures in parks and on public transport, their extinction, due to financial expedience, has left no representatives of a social contract in place to maintain a public spirited behaviour management role. It falls almost entirely upon the increasingly ill equipped parent.
Queuing at Bus stops was an informal generally agreed arrangement that people adhered to, it showed manners, politeness and kept order. Now it’s an all for one and each man/woman for themselves attitude that makes travelling by bus an even more unpleasant experience.

It’s the small things that change and go unchallenged that little by little effect the bigger picture. The things that we allow to happen that change our day to day lives. The things that can turn a good day into a bad day

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